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Fire Safety Advisor

Fire safety adviser, for a high occupancy building, means a person who is appointed by the occupier of the building under section 34 of the Building Fire Safety Regulations 2008.
Fire Safety Compliance (QLD) Pty Ltd provides approved fire safety advisory services to meet the mandatory requirements for High Occupancy Building owners and occupiers.

A High occupancy building means any of the following buildings, other than a building to which section 32 applies—

(a) a class 2 or 3 building more than 25m high;

(b) a class 2, 3, 5, 6, 7b, 8, 9a, or 9b building that is a workplace—

(i) prescribed under the Workplace Health and Safety Regulation 2008, section 56; and

(ii) where 30 or more workers are normally employed within the meaning of the Workplace Health and

Safety Act 1995, section 93(5);

 (c) a class 6 or 9b building that the commissioner has decided is an at risk licensed building under section 104KD of the Fire Service Act.


Fire Safety Compliance (QLD) Pty Ltd offers the following fire safety compliance package, incorporating our professional fire safety compliance services.


v  Annual Fire Safety Compliance Audit -

      Audit of prescribed fire safety installation and contractor logbooks to ensure compliance with BFSR and relevant Australian Standards with regards to the buildings approval dates and age.

      Review and Audit of essential documentation i.e. Certificate of Classification, Annual Occupiers Statement, fire engineer reports, approval documents.

      Inspection and Audit of passive prescribed fire installations i.e. paths of travel, exit doors,  fire doors, shutters penetrations, collars and seals

      Review and Audit of Fire and Evacuation Plan to ensure compliance with BFSR and Queensland Fire & Rescue Service QFRS requirements

      Audit of emergency training and records i.e. Evacuation Co-ordination instructions, General evacuation instructions, First response instruction and Annual evacuation practice


v  Consultancy

      Provision of consultancy and advise on fire safety compliance matters

      Assist in setting up Emergency Planning Committee (EPC) and Emergency Control Organisation (ECO)

      Liaison with regulatory authorities representing clients interests


v  Emergency Planning

      Development  and provision of compliant fire & evacuation plan

      Development, provision and installation of compliant evacuation signs and diagrams


v  Emergency Training

      EPC Workshop

      Evacuation Coordinator (Chief warden) - Annual Evacuation Co-ordination Instructions, General Evacuation Instructions, Bi-Annual First Response Instructions and Annual Evacuation Practice

      Persons to carry out evacuation coordination procedures (Wardens) – Annual Evacuation Co-ordination Instructions, General Evacuation Instructions, Bi-Annual First Response Instructions and Annual Evacuation Practice.

      Occupant training – Annual General Evacuation Instructions Bi-Annual First Response Instructions and  Annual Evacuation Practice

      Provision of compliant records of training and practice


v  Annual Occupiers Statement Management

      Request on clients behalf Annual Maintenance Statements from the engaged maintenance contractors for the prescribed fire safety Installations for a 12 month period

      Provide client with a completed Annual Occupier Statement each year for each building and forward a copy to the QFRS.


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