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Fire & Evacuation Plans


The BFSR 2008 sets out specific criteria for an occupier to provide a fire and evacuation plan to detail the procedures and actions to be taken by the persons to carry out evacuation co-ordination procedures and all occupants in the event of a fire and/ or hazardous materials incident and provide the Evacuation Co-ordinator (Chief Warden), Wardens and building occupants the following instructions;


·             Evacuation co-ordination instructions

·             General evacuation instructions

·             Personal emergency evacuation procedures (PEEP)

·             First Response Instructions

The Fire and Rescue Service Act 1990 (104FC) set out requirements for the fire and evacuation plan to contain the following;


·             The allowable number of occupants for the building

·             Proposed maintenance schedule for prescribed fire safety installations

·             The evacuation plan for evacuating the buildings occupants including those with disabilities

·             All above occupants training requirements

·             List of the buildings prescribed fire safety installations including brand name, and model number of each installation.

·             Building plans in a reasonable scale identifying the location of the buildings prescribed fire safety installations.


The BFSR 2008 prescribes a certain format for all fire and evacuation plans in Queensland for both high occupancy buildings and low occupancy buildings. The plan, procedures and instructions should be specific to the building and the requirements of both the persons to carry out evacuation co-ordination procedures, the occupants and the processes and use pertaining to the building.



Evacuation Co-Ordination Procedures


Evacuation co-ordination procedures are a vital part of the fire and evacuation plan. These are instructions which are directed at the evacuation co-ordinator (Chief Warden) and the persons responsible for carrying out the evacuation coordination procedures under the building’s fire and evacuation plan (Floor Wardens, Area Wardens, Wardens and Communications Officers).


The evacuation and co-ordination procedures are required to contain the procedures for;


·         Alerting, and communicating with, persons in the building

·         Using intercommunication devices, public address systems and messengers to alert and communicate with persons

·         Alerting the fire service, including using manually operated fire alarm

·         Arranging the evacuation of persons with special needs, members of the public and other persons in the building, to a designated assembly area for the building

·         Checking whether all persons have been evacuated from the building.


Evacuation co-ordination instructions are required to be provided to the evacuation co-ordinator and the persons responsible for carrying out the evacuation coordination procedures under the building’s fire and evacuation plan within one month of appointment to these positions and ongoing training should be provided at an interval no longer than one year.



 Fire safety compliance (QLD) Pty Ltd can provide our clients relevant and compliant fire and evacuation plans that meet both the requirements of the building and the regulatory requirements of the BFSR 2008 and Queensland Fire and Rescue Service.

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