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Evacuation signs & diagrams

Evacuation Signs and Diagrams are required to be installed to assist people trying to exit the building in an emergency. Buildings in Queensland are required to display evacuation signs that show the procedures for evacuation from that part of the building represented in the diagram.  The evacuation diagram must be properly oriented to the location in the building and show, in a way that could be understood by people who may be reading them, by the following fire safety reference points:


·             Where someone is in relation to the building;

·             The route to the nearest exit;

·             Each exit from the building;

·             Any intercommunication devices in the common areas of the building;

·             The location of manually operated fire alarms;

·             The location of fire fighting equipment;

·             Each assembly area for the building;

·             The route from the exits to the assembly area.



Fire Evacuations are required to comply with certain format prescribed by the Queensland Building Fire Safety Regulations 2008 (BFSR) and Queensland Fire and Rescue Service (QFRS).


The occupier of a building must display evacuation signs and evacuation diagrams for the building in compliance with the following;


i)      Evacuation signs and evacuation diagrams for a building must be appropriately located on each evacuation route of the building having regard to the number and location of exits in the building.


ii)     Each evacuation sign and evacuation diagram must be—

(a)   displayed in a conspicuous position


(b)   Securely attached to a wall or the internal side of a door.


Fire Safety Compliance (QLD) Pty Ltd  can provide for our clients professional, compliant and relevant evacuation signs and diagrams in the approved format required by the BFSR 2008 and QFRS.

For the provision of evacuation signs and diagrams the building owner/ agent must provide Fire Safety Compliance (QLD) Pty Ltd with CAD or PDF format floor plans, including site plan, to assist in the production of the diagrams.

Once preliminary draft evacuation signs and diagrams are developed Fire Safety Compliance (QLD) Pty Ltd will forward PDF version to the client for markup, by the client, of the location of the following (If applicable);

·        Fire Indication Panel

·        Fire Hose Reels

·        Fire Extinguishers (including type. i.e. Dry Chemical, Carbon Dioxide, Water, Foam etc.)

·        Fire Blankets

·        Manual Call Points (Break Glass Alarms)

·        Illuminated exit signs

Once marked up PDF signs are returned to Fire Safety Compliance (QLD) Pty Ltd draft evacuation signs and diagrams will be developed.

Fire Safety Compliance (QLD) Pty Ltd will send electronic copies for final approval by client before printing. If there are any issues Fire Safety Compliance (QLD) Pty Ltd will amend and repeat process until client is satisfied. Once satisfied the client will sign date and return the ‘Approval and Clearance for printing’ document provided with the draft evacuation signs.

Fire Safety Compliance (QLD) Pty Ltd will only be responsible for the development and provision on electronic signs in A3 sized landscape or portrait PDF signs to the client. The client will be responsible for printing, laminating and installation. This is to provide a cost effective service to the client.

Fire Safety Compliance (QLD) Pty Ltd can provide direct contact details to contractors that can print, laminate and install signs if required.


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