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General Evacuation Instruction

General Evacuation Instructions are a vital part of the fire and evacuation plan.  These are instructions which  are directed at the evacuation co-ordinator (Chief Warden) and the persons responsible for carrying out the evacuation coordination procedures under the building’s fire and evacuation plan (Floor Wardens, Area Wardens, Wardens and Communications Officers) as well as the general workforce or occupants.
General Evacuation Instructions are required to be given to all new occupants of the building no later than two days from the start of occupancy and ongoing instruction should be given to all occupants at intervals no longer than one year.
Fire Safety Compliance (QLD) Pty Ltd can provide professional training by experienced trainers with years of experience in the fire safety industry to the persons to carry out evacuation co-ordination procedures and occupants within a facility. This training includes the provision of general evacuation instructions as detailed in the building fire & evacuation plan.
High occupancy buildings require these instructions to be given by a trained Fire Safety Advisor (FSA) or Registered Training Organisation (RTO). Fire Safety Compliance (QLD) can facilitate this so as to provide regulatory compliance with the BFSR 2008.
Fire Safety Compliance (QLD) Pty Ltd will provide at the end of each training session the required records of training provision as required and audited by the Queensland Fire & Rescue Service as the regulator to be retained onsite with your fire safety records, as well as retain copies off site to ensure complete compliance.

Training packages will be tailored to meet the needs of the individual facility and its fire and evacuation plan meeting the requirements of the QFRS as regulator.


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