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Building fire safety compliance audits and reports

Fire Safety Compliance (QLD) Pty Ltd provides an annual fire safey compliance auditing and reporting service. Fire Safety Compliance (QLD) Pty Ltd  assessors will inspect and audit high or low occupancy building to ensure compliance is being met with regards to the mandatory requirements of the Building Codes of Australia (BCA), Building Act 1975, Fire and Rescue Service Act 1990, Building Fire Safety Regulations 2008 and Queensland Development Code MP 6.1.
Fire Safety Compliance (QLD) Pty Ltd will inspect prescribed fire safety installations, audit maintenance contractor logbooks and review emergency training and planning documentation to ensure that on inspection by the Queensland Fire & Resue Service (prescribed regulator) inspects your building is found compliant.
Once our audit  is  completed Fire Safety Compliance (QLD) Pty Ltd will provide a report detailing current fire safety compiance conditions within the building, report on any critical or non-critical compliance defects, provide rectification actions to acheive and maintain compliance and provide a schedule of priority to meet rectification actions and allow clients to schedule these actions with regards to their individual and financial needs.
An annual fire safety compliance audit consists of the following components to ensure complete and relevant compliance  is met.

v  Audit of prescribed fire safety installations and contractor logbooks to ensure compliance with BFSR and relevant Australian Standards with regards to the buildings approval dates and age.

v  Review and Audit of essential documentation i.e. Certificate of Classification, Annual Occupiers Statement, fire engineer reports, approval documents.

v  Inspection and Audit of passive prescribed fire installations i.e. paths of travel, exit doors,  fire doors, shutters penetrations, collars and seals

v  Review and Audit of Fire and Evacuation Plan to ensure compliance with BFSR and Queensland Fire & Rescue Service QFRS requirements

v  Audit of emergency training and records i.e. Evacuation Co-ordination instructions, General evacuation instructions, First response instruction and Annual evacuation practice


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