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Annual Evacuation Practice

It is a requirement of Queensland Building Fire Safety Regulations 2008 and Australian Standard 'AS 3745 - 2010 Planning for emergencies in facilities' that the evacuation co-ordination procedures be tested within the first twelve months once a facilities' emergency planning committee has deemed them satisfactory and workable and the facilities' emergency control organisation has been trained.


The Regulations and Standard also requires the first emergency response exercise be an evacuation practice and thereafter, a program of site-specific annual evacuation exercises be developed for the facility.


Fire Safety Compliance (QLD) Pty Ltd can provide development, co-ordination and critical observation of annual evacuation practices as required by the BFSR 2008 and QFRS to ensure that the emergency control organisation and occupants can successfully follow the evacuation co-ordination procedures and fire & evacuation plan.


Furthermore, Fire Safety Compliance (QLD) can assess the validity and effectiveness of the fire and evacuation plan and evacuation co-ordination procedures and provide written feedback as well as critical debrief to participants on completion of each evacuation practice.


Fire Safety Compliance (QLD) Pty Ltd will aslso provide a compliant record of annual evacuation practises that can be retained on site with other fire safety records to be audited by the QFRS.


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